Delicious Vegan Thai Lunch

Today’s accomplishment: a delicious vegan Thai lunch. Not only was it tasty and satisfying it was also under $3. Talk about a bargain!

I accompanied my husband on some appointments and then we went grocery shopping.  My hubby usually does the shopping but I do the cooking. Because we are both doing our best to embrace this whole food plant-based diet, he thought it was smart to bring me to the store, too.

I went a bit crazy in the produce section.

But my best find was something called Mann’s Nourish Bowls. (I found it in Kroger supermarkets in the produce area). It was on sale in our store for $1.99 so I took a chance on it and I am glad I did!

Each Nourish Bowl contains a complete meal. I bought the Spicy Thai Nourish Bowl. It included spiral sliced jicama, cabbage, and several other vegetables plus a package of shredded coconut and peanut sauce.

All you do is pour the vegetables into a bowl, cover it, and microwave it for four minutes. Then, mix in the peanut sauce and microwave it for 30 seconds more. Sprinkle with the toasted coconut and you’re done.

I haven’t had Thai food in ages and it tasted pretty close to what I used to order when I went to lunch with my friends in New York City. A bit drier, perhaps, probably because the recipe uses no added oil; the vegetable sort of steam in their own juices in the microwave.

The sauce was extremely spicy, but I had a ripe mango so I sliced it up and ate it on the side. The sweetness of the mango perfectly offset the spiciness of the Thai food and I felt like I enjoyed a rich, satisfying meal for about $3 and 300 calories or so, give or take (the core of the mango was big so I’m guessing that it was less than the 200 calories in a typical mango; the Mann’s Nourish Bowl states it is 200 calories).

This just goes to prove that vegan doesn’t have to be tasteless! The meal was absolutely delicious and filling, inexpensive, and warming on this cold autumn day. It was filled with vegetables, vitamins, and nutrition.

Nutritarian lunch for the win!

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